workshop: story rules

story rules

We’ve translated our vision into a workshop: ‘Story Rules – 7 rules to create your own, distinctive story’. Seven rules to get to the heart of what makes you really different. The ‘why‘ of your enterprise. That is often the reason why clients choose you. That’s what your story should be all about.

half-day workshop

In half a day you will join forces with seven other participants to work on your own story. The seven rules are a guide, like: drama is conflict. A story with solemnly ‘eureka’ moments doesn’t entertain. Your audience needs to empathize with your ambitions, disappointments, discoveries and surprises. And in the end: your success. They have to grant you your happy end. Then you are connected. Then they will be open for whatever you ‘sell’.

the audience is always right

Another rule: your audience is always right. Even if they do not want to use your product or service. So make sure you know your target audience. Really know them. What are their problems, what keeps them awake at night? And: how can you help them with a good night’s rest? How does your story benefit them? ‘What’s in it for them?‘

visualize your story

Your audience thinks in images. They have been ever since the times of cave drawings, only now the cave has been substituted for the ‘cloud‘ and visualization is all around us. Do you know why? Our brain absorbs visual information 600.000 (!) times quicker then text. Therefore the rule: visualize your story. It will be shared more on social media and you will reach a wider audience.


Through a set of exercises you’ll come to the heart of what make you really different. And you will learn how to build stories around this. Stories that will move your audience. There’s also the possibility of an ‘in company’ workshop. Colleagues work, each from their own angle, on the story of their organization. It connects, inspires and improves communication.

white paper – Story Rules

Would you like to read all 7 rules? Download the white paper here (in Dutch)


workshop participation: € 125,-, excl. VAT.
‘in company workshop’: cost in consultation.


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