It’s the most important question for every congress or event: ‘What’s in it for them?’ Why should your acquaintances come to your event?

live storytelling

If the answer to that question isn’t clear, we’ll sit with our clients to get the story straight. Those sessions are always fascinating, as it’s about the DNA of an organization. When the story is clear, an event is a wonderful medium to tell it. Then it becomes ‘live storytelling‘, and guests will feel it as soon as they enter the premises. Invitation, registration site, location, decor, catering, presentations, movies, entertainment, keynote speaker; each component helps to experience the story. Then it becomes a trending event. Trough word of mouth and social media.

1 chance

An event or congress is ‘live’. You only have one chance to tell your story. It better be good.


Since 1994 we’ve organized and produced hundreds of events and meetings for companies, brands, governments and charities. We have two promos: events and conventions. For some of the events shown in the promo we won an award.

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