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‘what’s your story?’
It’s my first question to a (potential) client. ‘What’s your story?’ Followed by: ‘How does your audience benefit from it? What’s in it for them?‘ If the answers to these questions aren’t clear, we advise you to freeze your communication-spendings. Do not invest in SEO if you don’t know how to inspire your audience online. They will never visit your site again. Don’t host an event to tell your story ‘live’ if it doesn’t move your audience. Vlogs are hot and video is booming, but if your story isn’t captivating from the start, you will lose your viewer. And all the effort will be a waste of time and money.

The million-dollar question: is your story worth communicating?
The answer must come from your audience and it should be ‘yes’. Then your communication efforts will set things in motion.

story rules
Our vision in two words: Story Rules. We help entrepreneurs and organizations to create their own unique story. Would you like to know more about this? Please download the Story Rules white paper (in Dutch). Or see if the Story Rules workshop can help you.

Unique stories deserve a stage. We let stories come to ‘ life ‘ on events, with video & visual stories, or in campaigns. Our clients get the attention they deserve.

We are also good listeners.
We really like to hear your story. And see how we can help you.

Please call or email Henk Jan van Harten
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